Toyota Moves Forward with Automated Driving Technologies

By September 27, 2017Toyota News
Toyota Moves Forward with Automated Driving Technologies

Toyota Moves Forward with Automated Driving Technologies! Recently the Toyota Research Institute is demonstrating the progress it has made in the development of automated driving technology. Using simulation, TRI can accurately and safely test engineering assumptions allowing investors to experience automated driving scenarios in a virtual simulator.

“In the last few months, we have rapidly accelerated our pace in advancing Toyota’s automated driving capabilities with a vision of saving lives, expanding access to mobility, and making driving more fun and convenient,” said Dr. Gill Pratt, CEO of TRI. “Our research teams have also been evolving machine intelligence that can support further development of robots for in-home support of people.”

In the official press release, Toyota explains, “The next iteration, dubbed Platform 2.1, is being shown for the first time on a closed-course. In parallel with the creation of this innovative test platform, TRI has made strong advances in deep learning computer perception models that allow the automated vehicle system to more accurately understand the vehicle surroundings, detecting objects and roadways, and better predict a safe driving route. These new architectures are faster, more efficient and more highly accurate. In addition to object detection, the models’ prediction capabilities can also provide data about road elements, such as road signs and lane markings, to support the development of maps, which are a key component of automated driving functionality.” 

“Vehicles with automated driving technology will bring many benefits to society, but one of the top priorities at Toyota is to help make the traffic environment safer,” said Kiyotaka Ise, Chief Safety Technology Officer and Senior Managing Officer of Toyota Motor Corporation. “By having our vehicle technologies seamlessly anticipate and interact with human beings and the traffic environment, we will get closer to realizing a future without traffic injuries or fatalities.”

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