Toyota Creates Artificial Intelligence Team

Toyota Research Institute has hired a team of six scientists to build a car that is incapable of causing a crash. Toyota wanted to launch this institute to focus specifically on creating safer cars. TRI CEO and former MIT Professor Dr. Gil Pratt said about the project, “I’ll spare you the math, but they’ll work to measure the robustness of automated vehicle systems not only against risks that are known, but risks that haven’t been seen before.” One example he provided was that a car that is able to determine the safest way to maneuver around fallen debris. Toyota also hopes this group, which includes two MIT professors, the former head of Google Robotics, and 2 DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) alums, will find a way to increase access to cars and forms of mobility as well as fast-tracking research in artificial intelligence and machine learning. The group has been given a 1 billion dollar investment to sustain them for five years. Pratt says, “We have a tentative timeline for internal R&D products that we will work hard to deliver to Toyota in Japan.Probably the public will not see the products we come out with, but the company will be able to utilize the work we do.”

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