Over 200K Miles and Still Going

By July 31, 2013Wilde News

In 1990, Lynda Roscoe bought a new Celica ST from Wilde Toyota. She contacted us recently to tell us that 23 years and over 200,000 miles later, she’s still driving it on a daily basis – and she’s never had to do more than the regular maintenance and upkeep on it!

Roscoe, who works for a non-profit that operates an alternative school, says “I love it when the boys say ‘Oh, Ms. Roscoe, I love your car!’ and I can tell them it is older than they are and watch the surprised expression on their faces.”

Lynda also says that she’s now anxiously awaiting 2015, when she can get antique license plates. We, at Wilde Toyota, are moved by Lynda’s story, and by her email sent to “thank us for a great ride.” Lynda, we wish you and your Celica many more happy years together!


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