Toyota Offers $1,000 To College Graduates with Essay Contest

Toyota Financial Services College Program Essay

Toyota financial services is offering College Grads the opportunity to get $1,000 by simply writing an essay about what they would do with $1,000! It could be about anything! Taking salsa lessons, taming mountain lions, paying a friend to watch paint dry… you name it! But it has to be the best essay as they are being judged!

The top five essays will win $1,000 and one voter will be given the same $1,000! So get out, submit an essay, review the essays, and VOTE!

Good luck!

Oh, and by the way – if you win and get one of the $1,000 awards, we will pitch in another $500 toward your purchase of a new car! That means with the $1,000 from the college grad program, $1,000 from the essay, and $500 from Wilde – you will save $2,500 on top of the already awesome programs!!

So, in 100 words or less tell us what you would do with $1,000 and the opportunity for 200 instant prizes!


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