Toyota at 2010 SEMA Show in Las Vegas

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Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon Supreme | SEMA 2010Starting off Toyota has taken the wildly popular ‘Swagger Wagon’ to a whole new level with the ‘Swagger Wagon Supreme’ and a slew off added amenities. Many of the design ideas came from avid followers of Toyota through online communities. When it comes to a minivan – Toyota is defying it all.

Toyota Prius C&A Custom Concept | SEMA 2010Toyota has also brought with them two variations on the Prius – the ‘Toyota Prius Plus’ and ‘Toyota Prius C&A Custom Concept’. The Prius Plus adds custom features to give the Prius better sports performance , while at the same time maintaining the great fuel efficiency the Prius is known for. The Prius C&A Custom Concept vehicle was developed by the Conversions and Accessories group at Toyota and shows the potential for modification on the popular hybrid vehicle.

Toyota 4Runner Backcountry | SEMA 2010The next two vehicles are even more great examples of vehicles with great potential for modification! Both the Tundra and 4Runner are very versatile for on and off-road work. With the customizations brought to SEMA, the boundaries are pushed even further.

Starting with the ‘Toyota 4Runner Backcountry’, we have a new definition for SUV. This rig can take you out on some wild adventures and make sure you make it back to civilization. With the built-in fridge and shower, this thing has it all – including the kitchen sink. You may not want to come back once you leave in this rig.

Toyota Tundra Sportsman | SEMA 2010Finally, the ‘Toyota Tundra Sportsman’ brought to us through a partnership with Toyota and Bass Pro Shops and their RedHead Pro Hunting Team. This truck takes the Tundra to the edge of utility for hunting enthusiasts. Your ‘home away from home’ this hunting season. Not only does it meet your hunting needs, it exceeds them! Everything you will need in one place.

All in all, Toyota is bringing some great vehicles to show this year at SEMA – when it comes to accessorizing vehicles, there really is no limit to what can be done! Here at Wilde Toyota we are looking to partner with the best suppliers to give you some great opportunities at accessorizing your vehicle with us!


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