2010 Toyota Corolla | Milwaukee Wisconsin

By June 23, 2009Toyota Vehicles
2011 Toyota Corolla

For those familiar with the 2009 Toyota Corolla, the 2010 model will appear to be almost identical. For consumers there is some great news: the 2010 Corolla comes in at a lower price point with more features standard. For the 2010 Toyota Corolla Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and traction control have been made standard. Also known as an antiskid system, stability control is designed to prevent sideways slides. Traction control aids grip away from stops and is useful on wet surfaces. These significant safety features had been standard only on the Corolla XRS and were a $250 option on the other models.

Although not a drastic change in design, many customers will benefit from the added safety features of the 2010 Toyota Corolla, and all will benefit from the great low starting price! For those that live in Wisconsin, the VSC is a welcome standard feature.

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