2010 Toyota Prius

By February 26, 2009Toyota Vehicles
2010 Toyota Prius

Toyota recently unveiled the all new 2010 Toyota Prius. At the present time you can check it out at the Milwaukee Auto show.

Toyota has some great new technology being introduced to the Toyota line-up with the new Prius. One of the new features is a new pre-crash safety system that utilizes a radar system. Toyota also offers anĀ optional solar moonroof that helps keep the parked car cool. Solar panels power a ventilation fan that reduces the tempurature inside. As owners approach their car, they can tamp down the temp even more by flipping on the A/C with an available key fob.

Along with a new engine paired to the hybrid system, there are all sorts of new things going on with the 2010 Prius to make it worth checking out.

We’ve got more details, and cars coming in soon! Check us out today!


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